We are a congregation of American Baptist Tradition,
living our faith in the City of Elmira, NY.,
seeking the welfare of the city we live in,
we live and believe in Our Lord's promise 
to find our welfare in Elmira's welfare. (Jeremiah 29).

Offerings: through Worship, Music, Christian Education, Ministries, Missions, Special Services, Our Shared Life, and Our Staff, we seek weekly to live out, and into, our Christian calling 
of sharing the Lord’s love with all…

Church Organization:

UBC Elmira Executive Board:
   - Moderator: Roger Thomas
   - Clerk: Carol Thomas
   - Deacons: Alan Carpenter, Bill Kiser, David Panosian, Barbara Ramsdell, Karen Boynton
        Talada, Dan Talada.
   - Treasurer: Karen Mills, Barbara Ramsdell, Nancy Twist
   - Coordinator of Christian Education: Alice Davis
   - Coordinator of Worship: Gwen Beckman
   - Coordinator of Missions: Karen Davis
UBC Trustees:
   - Lindsay Mills, Chair
   - Scott Frye
   - Rebecca Rima