Ministries are the beating of UBC's heart muscle.  

Feeding the sheep of God's fold is but one of our hallowed callings join together to be the Body of Christ, compassionately accompanying each other as we look to participate in God's Caring Commonwealth. 

Prayer Shawl Ministry
A small group meets weekly throughout the year, knitting items to be given to express God's caring ways with the human heart's need for warmth... And now these Prayer Shawls will be awarded across many months as a gift to those who visit our Facebook Page and leave us a comment...

Bible Study & Prayer Group
A small group meets weekly throughout the year, reading the Bible together aloud, and sharing their reflections and prayers in the love of the Lord...

The Laity Honorees of UBC Elmira in 2017: 
The Missionary Church Learning Experience Crew
from the left: Karen Boynton Talada, Marty Henry, (Chair)
Karen Davis, Gwen Beckman, David Panosian (Vice-Chair), Andy Maitland, 
Arthur Reed (Pastor)
(Scott Frye was unable to attend)

The Food Bank

Pumpkin Pie Day 2014